Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barça, Sí!

Barcelona - 2 Manchester United - 0

First year coach Pep Guardiola gets hoisted aloft by his players

The semi-finals against Chelsea were ugly, but apparently the final against Man U was stellar.

Barcelona gets the Triple done, winning La Liga, La Copa del Rey, and The European Champions League.

And in the highly anticipated showdown between the world's two best players, Lionel Messi outshone Cristiano Ronaldo, finally shutting up the naysayers by scoring a crucial goal against an English Premier League team.


cowboyangel said...

Yeah, that was great. Wish I could've seen it.

Everyone was saying that Manchester would win - maybe easily. Ha!

Do you know if they're showing replays anywhere?

Jeff said...

My son watched it on ESPN yesterday with a bunch of his international friends from his middle school. I don't know yet if they'll be replaying it this weekend or not.

There are extended highlights on that website you showed me once, Sportizo.

We have GOLTV, which covers all of Barcelona's games in La Liga. They really do play a beautiful style that's fun to watch, almost always dominating possession with their pinpoint passing accuracy.

Considering all of Barcelona's injuries & suspensions, as well as the fact that Chelsea almost took them out by playing "anti-football," I really had my doubts that they would get by Man U. I expected more out of Man U, quite frankly. I was surprised how shaky their defense was.

It also looks like Barca are better equipped to handle pressure, particularly as far as the premier players are concerned. Messi seems to perform better in the big, high-pressure games than Ronaldo does.