Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Wild Turkeys in Our Yard

First, came the solitary hen.

This was a few years ago. We made the same mistake that a lot of the neighbors did. We fed her.

Next, "Pinky" started showing up with a bunch of her friends. Eventually, the toms showed up too, and that was a problem, because the toms are territorial, protective of the hens, and very aggressive. They started chasing kids around the neighborhood.

Eventually, the police and the Animal Control Department had to step in. Oh, how I wish I could find the news video out there on the web somewhere, Lord knows I've tried, but it was hilarious watching them running around and falling all over each other like Keystone Kops trying to fire their nets over these birds and capture them. It was great footage, accompanied by the sound of frantic gobbling and the great "woosh-woosh" of turkey wings beating the air like helicopter blades.

Eventually they were all successfully gathered up and transported down to Plymouth Plantation for display, although I'm not sure of their long term fate...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Liam said...

The same thing happened to me, but with mammoths.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jeff.

crystal said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

shera10 said...

Happy Thanksgiging.
I envy the American celebration of Thanksgiving.

Garpu said...

Happy thanksgiving!

cowboyangel said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jeff. Hope you all had a great day today.

Wild Turkeys in the yard. At first, I imagined empty whiskey bottles... That would be a Texas thing, I guess.

Jeff said...

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a great day!


Yes, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is one of the few holidays that has not been co-opted by money and has largely remained what it is supposed to be about.

A great day for family, feast, and football. :-)


Wild Turkeys in the yard. At first, I imagined empty whiskey bottles...

This, this did occur to me. :-)