Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Band, Elwood, the Band!

My Debut Album Didn't Turn Out As Well As Meg's

Not exactly what I hoped for, but it has sort of a Manhattan Transfer quality to it. Maybe it's supposed to be a capella or cool jazz...

The band is 'Greece in the 1952 Summer Olympics', and our debut album is Responsible for a Son.

Hat tip goes out to Meg O'Dea by way of Cura Animarum.

How to Play

1) Go to Wikipedia and click on the 'random article' button (left hand side, navigation box, last choice) and snag the title to the first random article that pops up. This is your band name.

2) Go to Random Quotes. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the button that says 'New Random Quotations'. Scroll down to the bottom of the page (again) and snag the last four words of the very last quotation. This is your album title.

3) Finally, go to flickr's "explore the last seven days". The third photo on the page, no matter what, is your debut album cover. Save it.

4) Add text with Paint or some other kind of imaging software.


Meg said...

Oh, I dunno ... Responsible for a Son is a cool name for an album -- and hey, if it got play on the Friends soundtrack, you're golden!


Garpu said...

I did this one on my livejournal a few weeks ago, and it came out like a bad Christian pop band.

Jeff said...

Hi Meg,

Well, that's the thing with the whole Friends motif... Whose son are we talking about? Who's responsible? Too much ick factor on that show.

Although, being a one-hit wonder like the band who did the theme song and collecting all those royalties wouldn't be so bad.

Hi Jen,

Ha, that figures. What's the URL for your Live JOurnal site?

Garpu said...

My LJ is, but it's mostly friend's only these days. Too many trolls, my mom, and a few idiots from a catholic community there (who were calling my parish to tell them that I thought "The Passion" was well-filmed snuff porn).

cowboyangel said...

Offer and Acceptance: Brief Moment of Vanity.

Not bad, I guess. Makes me think of Arcade Fire or some pseudo serious anthem band.

The album title is particularly good, though too honest, I think for most bands.

Actually, I also like your word verification tonight for a title: flingsno.

The Flings!

Jeff said...


I never saw Apocalypto, but I hear Mel upped the blood fetish ante even more for that one.


Offer and Acceptance! That's from the Uniform Commercial Code! I could recite it by heart...

Gosh, that sure takes my back to my Law & Society class in freshman year of business school.

The Flings! That's good! Sounds very eighties. Very British.