Saturday, June 28, 2008

Please Bear with Me...

My apologies to friends who might be stopping by here lately looking for some new content and aren't finding much.

I've been pretty busy lately with some major implementations at work, some RFP responses, and of course, Summer family stuff...

I do confess, however, to a bit of blogging fatigue. I'm not crazy about the news right now on any front - political, ecclesiastical, economical, vocational, educational, ecological, or otherwise.

I'm taking stock a little bit in where I want to go with this thing, after a little over two years of blogging. If I can't get it said in two years, I probably can't get it said, period.

Bear with me though, I'll be around in some fashion.


Steve Bogner said...

Jeff, I know what you mean. I took a blog-absence for a while because things were just so busy with work, and I had a special project that took what time I had left. Plus, in the priority of what to do with my free time, a lot of things are higher than blogging.

Hang in there and have a great summer!

Jeff said...

Thanks, Steve. We're in roughly the same business, so you know how it can get sometimes. Especially for you, as you're in business for yourself.

Thanks for the support! Hope you guys are having a great summer.

crystal said...

I hope you stick around in blogdom. I've been wondering if it's worth continuing to post stuff when not many people visit or comment .... if you disappear, then there will be no one visiting my blog but the Tesla addicts looing for photos :)

Garpu said...

I know what you mean. I haven't been feeling like posting much, because I don't want it to end up as troll fodder. On the one hand, quitting blogging would make people like our special little friend get exactly what they want. On the other hand...sometimes I wonder if it's worth continuing. I had to axe my links list, because I didn't want him harassing those blogs.

Liam said...

To all four of you:

Please stay in blogdom, even if in a reduced fashion. I'd miss you all terribly if you stopped posting altogether.

Jeff said...

Hey, thanks so much for the support, guys.

I'm guess I'm just preoccupied that's all. First things first. :-D

shera10 said...

Ciao Jeff

Sadly the most negative of Catholic blogs ( uncharitable, nasty, always against someone or something like Jesuits, NO, “liberal” catholics…) still continue to be the most popular and the more positive bloggers (like you) seem to be posting with less frequency.

So am I very disappointed by the latest Card Castrillon’s statements about Tridentine Mass and BXVI’s recent decisions in liturgical matters such the placement of communion on the tongues of the faithful, kneeling.


Jeff said...

Hi Cristina,

Sorry about Euro 2008, but I have to admit that I do like the Spanish team a lot... :-)

Funny that you should mention Castrillon De Hoyos. He's one of the people making me crazy, but I have my reasons for not wanting to make this a place just for hierarchy-bashing. I was contemplating a post about it. I'll get to it soon if I can.

Marcus Aurelius said...


The blogosphere needs rational voices, the voices of people who have no axe to grind. Please keep it up if you can. Besides, if you delete your blog spammers will take it over and paste linkspam all over it!


shera10 said...


After Italy was eliminated I supported Turkey, this team was amazing, never defeated until the last second.

To put Card Castrillon president of Ecclesia Dei was like to put a fox into the roost to protect the chickens, as a popular Italian saying said.


Jeff said...


The Turks were very tough! All those late goals...

As for the Cardinal... I hate to wish anyone ill, but, Trujillo was a good start (just kidding... sort of).

Hey B,

Ohmygawsh! Yes! I remember what happened to yours after you deleted it. Was Google able to do anything about that? Did you ask them?

A word to the wise out there:

Never delete your Google Blogger blog.

Marcus Aurelius said...

I asked google, they said no. Times change and the rules change. Perhaps I can ask again.

shera10 said...


Card Castrillon, Arch. Ranjith, the pope himself think the world has become secular because the liturgical changes.
For me the great divide was Umanae Vitae. For the first time a Church teaching was seen wrong by the majority of faithfuls. And a faithful can believe a thing that doesn’t understand such as Resurrection, Trinity, Transubstantiation, but not to believe a thing that he absolutely understands to be untrue and wrong.
And so relativism began.

Jeff said...


I'm inclined to agree with you that Humanae Vitae was the origin of the crisis of authority in the Church, rather than the liturgy. I've mentioned it here several times. Paul VI agonized over his decision, but consoled himself by predicting he'd be regarded as a prophet someday. It seems to me that the present hierarchy sees it very much that way. If one listens to remarks like the ones delivered by Batista Re lately, it looks like they just want to stick to their guns while the rest of the world (in their view) goes to hell in a handbasket.

cowboyangel said...

For what it's worth, I hope you continue blogging in some fashion. You're one of the best out there. I understand the burnout, the wondering why you're doing it, the depressing news . . . .

I've thought about quitting myself. Not sure where I'm at with the whole thing. But, then, I've never been sure.

But I would miss your work a lot!