Thursday, February 21, 2008

If Humans by Nature Feel a Need to be Tribal...

This is one of the better ways to do it...

From Last Year's Six Nations Rugby Tournament

Ireland vs. England at Croke Park 02/24/07

No need for soccer hooliganism. There's plenty of mayhem on the pitch.

Give blood. Play rugby. ;-)


cowboyangel said...

Wow, that running kick at the beginning of the last video was amazing. How can anyone kick a fat, lopsided ball with such accuracy while on the run?

I think the NFL should allow plays like that on FG attempts. Get the kickers more involved in the game. ;-)

So, I read that Ireland did well in the early part of the tournament, winning the Triple Crown over England, Wales and Scotland, but couldn't defeat the French. Who knew the French were such Rugby giants?! 4 championships out of the last 6 years. Impressive.

Interesting to me that both teams are ALL white. Compare that with the national soccer teams.

Speaking of sports . . . Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. What in the hell is going on with your team?! Things are really getting ugly.

And now it looks like the league is going to cut a deal with Matt Walsh.

I can't believe Goodell destroyed the evidence. That's truly unbelievable. Can't think of a faster way to make people across the nation suspicious that something bigger's going on here. It's starting to reek of Major League Baseball levels of corruption.

This has gone beyond a mere fine on Bill Belichick. Have you contemplated the idea that he may be suspended or fired?

Jeff said...

HI William,

That was quite a feed from Ronan O'Gara in the last video, wasn't it? (they are having a bit more trouble this year, but they beat Scotland yesterday) There are a few QB's in the NFL who wish they had that kind of touch with their arms. Did you see the conversion kick by O'Gara afterwards? Can you believe that angle they have to make? He makes it look so easy.

Yeah, the French are pretty good at this. Maybe they are not the effete snobs they are made out to be over here, are they?

Interesting to me that both teams are ALL white. Compare that with the national soccer teams.

That is interesting. I don't pretend to know a great deal about this, but despite appearances to the contrary, and in a counter-intuitive way, I guess rugby is consider more of an upper-crust, highbrow kind of sport, and soccer (football) is more the working class sport. Rugby is still associated with the private schools, etc.. (Do they call those "public" schools in England?)

You might be thinking what I'm thinking, but the USA sucks at rugby. They are known for being pretty good tacklers, but that's about it...

From what I can see, the European teams tend to get dominated by the Southern Hemisphere Teams; New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa in particular. I remember watching a World Cup Final between the New Zealand All-Blacks and South Africa's Springboks back in the nineties. Even though it was shortly after the freeing of Mandela and the change in government in S.A., I seem to recall that all of the players for South Africa were white. That has only changed slightly. South Africa is the reigning World Cup champion, but they only had a couple of black players on the team.

New Zealand, of course, has always had a lot of Maori players. I remember hearing once that one of their superstars was considering an NFL tryout, but he decided to stick with rugby

The Patriots news? I have to admit, I haven't been paying much attention lately. It's hard for me to get worked up about the case of the smoking video cameras. Destroyed tapes? It's not like destroyed waterboarding tapes... It was bad enough that congressmen were wasting their time on Roger Clemens and Major Leaqgue Baseball, but at least there was the real serious matter of steroid abuse involved there there. Can you imagine what would happen if they started taking a real look at steriod abuse in the NFL?

Maybe they'll suspend Belichick. I don't think Kraft will fire him. If he was fired, wouldn't some other team hire him in a New York minute? Sure. If that's the case, why would Kraft want to get rid of him?