Monday, February 04, 2008

For Super Tuesday, AEV Officially Endorses...

Wes Welker... The Only Patriot Who Actually Showed Up to Play the Super Bowl. Welker for President in '08

Oh well.... So it goes. I can only get so worked up over it. They don't pay my bills. They don't share my bed... It's tough though, to see your 12-year-old in tears. I suppose it's about time, however, that the kids got some perspective and learned the way Boston sports are supposed to be. Lent will really feel like Lent this year. :-)

As for the Giants, they played a great game and had a great plan. They beat the ___ out of Brady, and how Manning got that ball off and how Tyree caught it and held on, I'll never know.

It was one of the greatest Super Bowl plays of all time, but now, the Dallas Cowboys have finally gotten off the top of my most despised football team list. The Giants can take their proper place in line with the Yankees, Mets, and other detested New York Teams. Anathema sit! I work with a bunch of New Yorkers. Conference calls are going to be torturous for at least the next year on out...

But seriously, AEV endorses Barack Obama.


Garpu the Fork said...

18-1 is still one hell of a season, though. While I was serving during most the superbowl, the bits of the game I actually saw were pretty good. I can't say one team over another was playing better, and there weren't any blatantly stupid ref calls.

But, yeah, after the Seahawks two years ago and the Bears last year, I feel your pain.

Liam said...

Not only do you work with New Yorkers, but some New Yorkers are your blog friends...

Go Giants.

AND go Mets.

Any further humiliation of the Knicks, however, is thoroughly welcome.

That was quite a play.

Jeff said...

Thanks Jen,

'Hawks and Bears! Ouch.


Not only do you work with New Yorkers, but some New Yorkers are your blog friends...

This fact is not lost upon me. Thanks for keeping quiet until I said something first. :-)

We'll see what we can do about those Knicks, but it's hard to humiliate them worse than they do to themselves.

By the way, for what it's worth, the Mets thing is all about 1986 as far as I'm concerned. I still love Pedro.

But still... Death... Here's wishing long, slow, painful, excruciatingly torturous death to all New York teams.

cowboyangel said...

Oh man, 12 years old and watching your team lose the Super Bowl. I kid you not, those two Dallas Super Bowl losses to the Steelers in the 1970s stillv hurt 30 years later. No matter how far away, I can still feel the knot in my stomach after the second loss. That must be the age when sports teams mean the most to a person. Everything comes out of the wins and losses of your team during childhood. And it doesn't seem to matter if Staubach still won 2 other Super Bowls or Brady 3, you remember the pain.

Glad to see you're taking it as well as possible.

That really was a great game. A classic, defensive struggle, with the tension high throughout, culminating in 4th quarter dramatics. I love stuff like that.

Jeff, what happened to the O line?! I send you an email saying there's no way the Giants would get to Brady and he would pick them apart. You guys have 3 Pro Bowlers! I didn't see that coming. Nor did I see Eli pulling off that drive. I thought Brady had won the game - the whole thing was playing out like all the other close Pats wins this season.

Do you think the 19-0 thing was on their minds? Was I imagining things, or did they actually seem . . . . not nervous, but not really themselves. From the start of the game. The Giants, meanwhile, seemed fierce and ready to play smashmouth.

Wow. Sorry, dude. But at least they went out in a dramatic and memorable way.

Jeff said...

Hey William,

It's true. Twelve is right at that age. I was a huge hockey fan around 1970 or so. Big, bad Bruins... Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Gerry Cheevers, etc... In 1971 they shattered all kinds of records. In a playoff game against Montreal they blew a 5-1 lead and eventually went on to lose the series. I was inconsolable.

Yeah, I told you I didn't like the matchups. Toom much strength and speed on that Giants defensive line and in their linebacker corps. Matt Light had a tough time in the regular season game. I knew it would happen again.

It's the transformation of Eli that gets me. I thought we had it wrapped up at 2:46. What an apparent blessing to him to have Tiki and Shockey off the squad.

cowboyangel said...

What's the word up in Beantown on Belichick going for it on 4th and 13, instead of kicking a FG or punting? Very odd play, I thought.

Jeff said...

Well, considering that they had perfect indoor conditions, that's a very good question. I heard that Gostkowski was kicking 50-yarders in warmups. Maybe Belichick lost confidence in him after he put that kickoff out of bounds? Maybe he was rattled, maybe he was hurt. Who knows? Belichick would never let you know why, that's for sure. He was his usual taciturn self after the game:

"Field position situation... mmmr... Disappointed.... I know, I was at the game... Disappointed... Ermmm... We didn't execute.... Disappointed... All set? Mmmmr... Disappointed..."

The question people are really asking is, why were they blitzing two safeties on that last drive and leaving Ellis Hobbs ALONE man-to-man on Plaxico Burress in an obvious mismatch, looking to bite on an inside slant instead of a fade? The guy had no chance.

Lots of questions... Why didn't Pierre Woods get control of the fumble he fell right on top of? Why didn't they try to set up for a field goal with 35 seconds left instead of tossing Hail Marys? Why did 3 DB's (including Asante Samuel) let balls slip through their hands on NY's last drive, when Eli was putting it up for grabs? Why couldn't Belichick come up with a scheme at halftime to protect his franchise quarterback from getting creamed?

But hey, football is like that. Every game has stuff like that.

Gotta run. Have to go and vote. :-)

cowboyangel said...

Why didn't they try to set up for a field goal with 35 seconds left instead of tossing Hail Marys?

That was my thought at first, but then I saw that Moss was only around the 30-35 and realized that the Hail Marys were trying to get them into FG position. Remember, Belichick didn't feel comfortable with Gostkowski kicking. Even if the first Hial Mary would've worked, they still would've needed another short pass after that. The sack on first down really hurt them.

Yeah, Samuel and a lot of patriots fans will remember that missed INT on the last drive. Especially since he's so often made that play.

Why couldn't Belichick come up with a scheme at halftime to protect his franchise quarterback from getting creamed?

One of the things that most impresses me about Belichick as a tactician is his incredible ability to adjust at halftime. Nobody else comes close. The San Diego game wasa good case in point, when he stuck in the two TEs to get the running game going. So I was also wondering why the adjustments on this occasion didn't seem to do much - either on offense or defense. The only thing I really noticed was that they must have started double-teaming Justin Tuck, because he wasn't causing havoc like he did in the first half. (I still think Tuck was worthy of a co-MVP or something. His play in the first half set the tone for the game.) But by double-teaming Tuck, they opened the door for others to get at Brady. So, yeah, why didn't they leave one of the RBs in the backfield to block? Not Belichick's greatest coaching job.

Jeff said...

Belichick was outcoached, that's for sure. Give Coughlin credit. The Giants avenged losses to Dallas, Green Bay, and New England.

To cap off a perfect week, Andrews got busted for weed and "Mr. Single Bullet theory" wants to see if we jobbed his precious Eagles, as if he had nothing better to do.