Friday, January 11, 2008

The Playoffs!

The NFL Network's "Matt" tells off on it in "Joe's Diner"


Garpu the Fork said...

Heh. Seahawks vs the Packers on Saturday. If the Seahawks make it to the Superbowl, it's gonna be ugly. :)

Then again if the Seahawks make it to the superbowl--as much as I'm rooting for them--I don't think they've got a shot against the Pats. I mean, they're 16-0, right? Plus the Seahawks always choke and/or get screwed by a ref call.

Jeff said...

Hi Garpu,

How do you like Matt's faux Boston accent? :-) "Paaaaty"

Yecchh. The Seahawks had a rough time against the 'Skins last week, didn't they? I saw it on my cousin's great big Hi-Def plasma TV. They were lucky to escape from that one. What's up with Sean Alexander? He never really came back from that broken leg?

I like the Seahawks. What's with the lime green hats and gloves?

We have relatives out in Milwaukee. They think Brett Favre walks on water. You'd think the Packers were supposwed to be Super Bowl favorites every year... I hope it's NE vs Green Bay, so we can take care of all family business (1996). But I get ahead of myself... Can't look past the next game. :-)

Garpu the Fork said...

If it's Green Bay against New England, I'm going to be (loudly) rooting for New England. I grew up in Chicago, after all, and that ain't Packer country. :)

cowboyangel said...

Seahawks? Spy-triots? Come on, the Cowboys have Jessica Simpson at QB! They're gonna be ropin' in Super Bowl Trophy #6!

Given the end of his season, I think Tony Romo should've spent his two weeks off watching game film instead of sunbathing with Jessica down in Mexico. I don't know what he was thinking. Very worried about their game against the Giants. Tony thinks he's Joe Natmath or something! Even the playboy QB on New England waits until the end of the season to hook up with his supermodels.

BTW, did you know that Romo is half Mexican? His full name is Atonio Ramos Romo. His grandfather came over from Mexico and still lives in San Antonio. Tony grew up in Wisconsin, though, - and his mother is Polish-German.

Was very glad the Seahawks beat the Skins. Don't know if they'll get past the Cheeseheads. But, you never know. As usual, nobody's been paying attention to Seattle, so they may be quietly better than we all think. Or not.

I've been hoping that NE would have to face the Jags in the playoffs - thought it would be a tough matchup. But after watching Jacksonville against the Steelers, I don't see how they can stop the Patsies. For one thing, they've lost 3 key people on defense. And though Garrard has played well all year, he didn't look so good last week. They were just too sloppy and made too many mistakes. You can't do that against NE.

Maybe if the ball bearings on Bruschi's wheelchair lock-up. Or Harrison's steriods cause him to shrivel up in all the right places. :-)

But they'll still have Brady. And I have a bad feeling they're going to win it all.

Except you guys don't get to play the Jets and Dolphins in the playoffs.

I actually emailed Dr. Z at Sports Illustrated and asked, jokingly, if he had ever seen Favre walk on water. This was right after the super-over-the-top coverage of Favre
s last game on ESPN this year.

Should be a great weekend of football. Maybe the best all year.

Garpu the Fork said...

42-20, GB. I can't watch any more of this. HOpefully the Packers will make it through and I can watch them get stomped by the Pats.

Jeff said...

Jags are scoring at will. Yikes.

Jeff said...

Sorry about the 'Hawks. When they jumped out 14-0 right at the start, I was hopeful for them.

Garpu the Fork said...

Yah. but at least the Pats pulled ahead. :)

cowboyangel said...

Congrats, Jeff. 17-0. Brady had an amazing game. That early TD to Watson was truly a work of beauty. In all my years of watching football, I don't think I've ever seen a QB play as well as he has this season. And I already thought he was the best in the league! We're watching the prime of one of the all-time greats.

I thought the Jags might have a chance after that impressive 95-yard drive. But they stayed conservative on defensive too long. Announcers at halftime kept saying - keep playing like this and wait for New England to make a mistake. Like the Patriots have a tendency to turn the ball over in the playoffs! I knew the Jags couldn't compete in a back-and-forth scoring game. You can't give any QB a lot of time, but especially Brady, and especially with the receivers he has. You're only going to beat him by knocking him down some and getting in his face. Even if it means giving up some big scores.

Green Bay was fun - sorry, Garpu. I like the Seahawks, but I do like the Packers more. And I love snow games. What a bizarre beginning. Gant, really turned it around, though. I give the kid a lot of credit for being able to get beyond those two huge fumbles and perform like he did.

This quote from Charles Woodson almost made me spit my coffee out from laughing this morning:
"He didn't have any choice," Packers cornerback Charles Woodson said. "We were gonna kick his ass if he didn't."

Getting more and more nervous about the Cowboys-Giants game. Thankfully, it looks like TO will play. And Glenn. Romo needs that.

Jeff said...

Hi Garpu,

Yah. but at least the Pats pulled ahead. :)

Yeah. Luckily, they were able to move the ball at will even better than Jax could.

I have to agree with William on one thing regarding that game. I loved the Lambeau Field snowstorm. That's the kind of thing that makes the playoffs so cool.


Terrific post over at your place on the Clintons and MLK. I'll chime in when I get a chance.

Easy for me to post now, but I hope you don't think I was ducking you before the game. I was putting a new suspended ceiling in the basement bathroom yesterday during the NFC game. Talk about dirty jobs. Loads of fun...

Tony Romo is half-Mexican? A Mexican quarterback on the Dallas Cowboys? See, who says this country has a problem with immigration and cultural assimilation? The 'Boys sure have come a long way from restricting their Mexicans to place-kicking roles... He's been running down to the shore with his supermodel girlfriend, huh? Who does he think he is, Nicholas Sarkozy?. You know, he's one of those QBs who's got a puerile quality about him that only gets superseded by Jake Delhomme's. He's good though. I have to give him credit for that. I'm convinced. He just needs someone like Parcells around to keep his head from getting too big.

I've always been a believer in Garrard, too.. The last time we played the Jags in the playoffs, I think they might have beaten us if they had started him, but for some inexplicable reason, they insisted on starting the hobbled Byron Leftwich instead. He could barely step up to the line.

I have to agree with you about Brady (not that I'm already biased). Only a couple of hundred human beings are good enough to play in the NFL, and the degree of difference between them all is very slight, but as far as quarterbacks are concerned, being able to handle the pressure is one of the differences that is most significant. Garrard made his key mistakes late, as did some of the other QBS who hung in close against the Patriots this year. The pressure gets to them, and Brady just doesn't seem to get rattled like they do. That throw to Kyle Brady... He had no business throwing to someone that well-covered and getting away with it, but that's the kind of ability he has.

As for pressure, you're right. NE has too many tools and weapons for defenses to just play deep and take Moss away. Welker will eat you up if you try. I think the Cowboys will have a great shot to win tonight if they get in Eli's face with the pressure. He folds up pretty predictably. If you leave him alone, he can look like Peyton. Thing is, Strahan and his confreres can bring the heat on Romo too.

If Favre and the Pack get to the Super Bowl vs NE, it would be great to see a duel between two of the all-time greats, but I'm still very nervous about the NE defense. They could get eaten up by either Sand Diego or Indy next week. Mr. "G.H." Rodney Harrison (sorry, I still love the guy) and the old guys can only pull so many rabbits out of their hats for so long.

Jeff said...

Wow! San Diego was able to hang on, despite the fact that LaDainian Tomlinson set a record for the most cycling miles ever logged in an NFL playoff game.

Liam said...

The Packers game was very fun. I'm all for a NE-GB superbowl.

I just wonder why the guy who told me I had to cheer for the Yankees because I live in New York isn't cheering for the Giants.

Go Giants!

cowboyangel said...

Well . . . My worries were confirmed. The Cowboys played sloppy, undisciplined football - especially in the 2nd half - and deservedly lost. I thought the play calling by Jason Garrett, everybody's "wonderkid," was terrible in the 2nd half. Romo made several bad decisions - still can't figure why he DIDN'T throw the ball away when he was outside the pocket (twice), only to throw an incomprehensible pass to no one when he was in the pocket and get an intentional grounding call. Couldn't believe the drops by Crayton and other WRs. And I especially cannot accept all the stupid penalties. You don't win playoff games getting a dozen dumb penalties - particularly when you're in your own stadium! One of the things I admire about the Patriots is how disciplined they are, especially in big games. Dallas looked totally discombobulated in the 2nd half. It was a pathetic effort. I give the Giants credit for playing well enough to win, playing smart football, and playing as a team. But I wasn't overly impressed with them. I think this was one of those times when a team beat itself more than anything. An inexcusable and heartbreaking loss. Wade Phillips did not have his team ready to go. That's awful coaching.

I still can't believe that the Chargers beat the Colts in Indy with a backup QB, LT on his bicycle, and Gates hobbling around uselessly. On the other hand, maybe I can believe it.

Actually, I've always thought Volek was pretty good, even when he was on the Titans.

I don't see the Giants beating Green Bay. At least if the Packers play like they did Saturday and the Giants play like they did Sunday. If the Pack could render the Seattle front line useless, I think they can handle the Giants line. And the rest of the Giants D is an accident waiting to happen. Favre isn't Tony Romo - he's going to pick the Giants apart, I think.

Don't know what to think about the Chargers and New England. On paper, the Patriots should win fairly easily. The one thing I think about - I'm sure the Chargers remember last year's playoffs and how some of the Patriots taunted them afterwards. That and the fact that the Pats are unbeaten and heavily favored should give San Diego plenty of incentive. And they've won 8 in a row and just beat the defending Super Bowl champs, so they should feel confident. I don't think they're as good as New England, and NE has so much experience and are at home. But if the Pats don't make some adjustments to their defense, it could be an interesting game. I think the Chargers are better than the Jags. And how many times can Tom Brady go 26 out of 28?

Actually, I take back that last statement. If anyone could improve on 26/28, it would be Tom Brady.

cowboyangel said...


In a regional rivalry - NY vs Boston, Madrid vs Barcelona, Texas vs Oklahoma - I do think it's unbecoming to root against the team from the place in which you live. It's a kind of self-hating - a degeneration of the spirit and soul, psychologically suspect and morally questionable. In Dante's cosmology, the the 9th circle of hell is filled with traitors against country and kin.

I would never suggest, though, that you root for NY against Utah, and I don't think it's wrong for me to root for a team from the land of my birth - my motherland, mi patria - against the New York Giants.

And anyway, it's a totally different situation - The Giants suck!!

(Though I will root for them if they play New England in the Super Bowl.)

Jeff said...

The Giants suck!!

(Though I will root for them if they play New England in the Super Bowl.)

Ow. I feel like the play-clock at Texas Stadium after Brandon Jacobs nearly put a football through it... Your vehement rooting against the Patriots all season has been well and duly noted, but so has your albatross-effect on the teams you root for. Please, please keep rooting against New England. And make sure you vote for Romney too. Romney! Mitt Romney! :-)

Liam, are you telling me that William is actually a Yankees fan??

Well, who would have thought that Eli would be the last Manning standing after yesterday’s games? And who would have thought that Tom Coughlin, who just barely kept from getting fired at the end of last season, would be going to the NFC title game? I have no idea how they’ll get past Green Bay, but I have no idea how the G-Men have been able to win 9 road games in a row either, so I make no predictions. The NFC is an enigma, within a paradox, wrapped up in a puzzle for me.

What a miserable performance by the Cowboys, and what’s with TO’s crying meltdown in the aftermath? They have challenges for next year. Something to remember: Whenever Terrell Owens starts talking about “popcorn” before a game, lay heavy money against Dallas… I know that Jerry Jones said that he couldn’t think of anything that could happen during the playoffs that would put Wade Phillips’ job in jeapardy, but now, well, now the playoffs are over for them... Wade’s (winless) playoff record remains intact. It was a pretty sloppy game to watch. William, any relation between you and Terry Glenn at all? Did you lend him a pair of your penny-loafers to wear out there?

It’s not that the Giants didn’t try to hand the game back to Dallas. Those 3-and-out running attempts on their last two possessions didn’t exactly show a lot of confidence in Eli’s arm on Coughlin’s part. Maybe that was smart football.

Don’t ask me what happened at Indy. The Bolts won despite the noise, the Colts, the officials, and their two star offensive players punking out (while LT was doing the Tour de France, Rivers seemed well enough to jump around and scream at the fans) . I haven’t read the news today, so I don’t know how those MRIs have turned out or are expected to turn out. Are those guys really hurt or not?

Nice defensive work by the Chargers. That hit on Reggie Wayne near the end by Marlon McCree was superb. Brilliant.

Actually, I think the Jags are a better team than the Chargers. They scared me more. Don’t forget, NE has already played San Diego since last year’s playoff. They beat them 38-14 in week 2…. although New England was playing very well then, and the Chargers hadn’t gotten their act together yet.

cowboyangel said...

I don't care enough about baseball to be a real fan of any team, which explains why I like both the Mets and the Yankees. That's very un-New York of me. Football - that's different. I grew up a Cowboys fan, so I've always hated the Giants. When I came to NY, it was an easy choice between them and the Jets.

I don't really hate-hate the Giants. (I liked Tiki Barber.) There are only two teams I really hate-hate. The Dolphins #1. Redskins #2. Everyone else, it just depends on the circumstances. Who's coaching, who the players are at a given time. I've always liked the Patriots. But you're right, I've been rooting against them this year. For several reasons. And you're also right that it probably works in your favor. Albatross - that's for sure!!!! :-)

I've been thinking about rooting for Romney for the very reason you mention.

There are several Glenns playing football. Most of them are actually from Texas, but they're all black. Who knows, though?!

That was a great hit.

Both Rivers and LT are listed as Questionable. LT has a bruised knee. He says he'll play. Don't know about Rivers. His may be more serious.

I forgot to mention one thing about the Green Bay game: Watching Favre and Donald Driver throw snowballs at each other really gladdened my hemade me smile for some reason. Having fun in the backyard - just like it should be.