Monday, July 16, 2007

Which Mass is Better?

Never mind for now... Which Fleetwood Mac is better?

Crystal put up an interesting post about a bunch of theologians and religious commentators weighing in on Newsweek's "On Faith" with some lively opinions about the Latin Mass... but what I want to know is, which Fleetwood Mac "rite" was the best...

Fleetwood Mac - 1997

Fleetwood Mac - 1977

Fleetwood Mac - 1969

Stevie Nicks was cute and all, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm a staunch traditionalist on this. Peter Green (1969) was the High Priest of what passes for the Fleetwood Mac Tridentine Rite.

Danny Kirwan wasn't bad either...

While I'm Youtubing here, here's a hat tip to Alyosha at Cascadia Catholics for The Simpson's "Protestant vs. Catholic Heaven", all meant good naturedly, of course...

Finally, Mike McG clued me in to this very talented fellow who won the Britain's Got Talent competition.


crystal said...

I've never bought any Fleetwood Mac but some of the songs are still in my head. I liked "Rhiannon", because I'd read some novels based on the Welsh Mabinogion. And liked the one done with Tom Petty too. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day with Fleetwood Mac as earworms :-)

Jeff said...


The "Song of Rhiannon" is from the Welsh epic The Third Branch of the Mabinogion? I had no idea. See, you can learn something in blogdom every day. :-) Haven't forgotten your meme tag.

Do check out the one at the bottom - Paul Potts, the guy who works at Car Phone Warehouse singing Puccini. I've watched it about 4 times and it made tear up every time.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, my great love is opera. Important day for me. Be the voice outside. will let you know later today.

cowboyangel said...

I definitely have to go with the Fleetwood Mac 1969 Tridentine Mass.

It's so depressing looking at these people in 1997. They look like a Clinton-Gore campaign event. That's the butt-end of the Sixties? Even in 1977 they looked fairly human. What happened to us?

So, wait, was that last guy in Fleetwood Mac AFTER Green but BEFORE Lyndsey and Stevie? I'm confused. Was he the one having the affair with Fleetwood's wife or with John Mcvie's wife? Was Puccini in the band at one point? I think everybody else was.

The Simpsons clip was great. Thanks. I like "ND" and "B" sweatshirts on the Catholics.

Garpu the Fork said...

I'm definitely a 1969 traditionalist. I only knew Fleetwood Mac from the 1970's on, so it's nice to know that they knew how to rock.

Jeff said...

Anonymous author,

Hope the big day went well.

I don't know much about opera myself, but I know that Mr. Potts brought a tear to my eye with that audition.


I definitely have to go with the Fleetwood Mac 1969 Tridentine Mass.

Yes. Cha-ching.


I'm definitely a 1969 traditionalist.

Yes! We've got Fleetwood Mac trads out there. I'm loving this.

William asks about Kirwan. He was brought in by Green, then Green left, and Bob Welch came in (remember him from the sickly-sweet Sentimental Lady?). Welch is the guy who really changed the band's sound. He and Kirwan didn't get along. They got into a fight, amd Kirwan left shortly thereafter.

All kidding aside, Peter Green and Danny Kirwan both have sad, tragic stories. Green got spiked with LSD on a tour in Europe, and was never the same person again. He became lost in a sort of shizophrenia. I hate recreational drugs. I hate what they do to people. The article says of him, "It was around this time that Peter began to loathe the fame and fortune he had acquired, and became extremely religious, appearing on-stage wearing crucifixes and flowing robes. He proposed to the band that they only keep what was absolutely necessary financially and give the rest of the money away to charities." We were speaking of St. Francis. Sounds like Green thought he was St Francis.

Anonymous said...

Commemted below. Had a great day. Thanks friend!!

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Anonymous said...

strange place to leave comment, but someone once said use most current post.

postscript; mark met with 2 week priest. priest was incredibly cordial . Later in day sent e-mail saying "Don't worry, we'll work this out."

mark told priest if he became catholic it would be because of bloggers such as you. mentioned you by name "jeff" but did not give away your blog.

ann found it amazing that you, involved as you are with greater issues, could take time to follow this tedious book. mark has another crucial big C checkup tomorrow. hope you have a few seconds to remember him.

could it be possible that pope is not saying anything startling new but just putting it in rather thoughtless language?

thanks again for helping 'little folks'.

crystal said...

Jeff, this is off subject, but how do you like the book Forgotten Among the Lilies ... is it worth me checking out? Thanks.

Jeff said...


I'm not very far into it, but so far its very good, although I liked 'The Holy Longing' a little bit better. Have you read that? I'd recommend reading that first.

If you were to read Rolheiser's weekly column regularly, you would already be familiar with a lot of what is in this newer book.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, could you leave them on a while. Sometimes it's easier for a person to read something than to have to say it to their face. Priest has probably read far worse, but can we wait a few days?

Jeff said...


Sure. Just let me know when they can go, if you want them off...


Thank you for visiting. I will surely give that article on Essene culture a read.

You may not be as far away from me as you suppose. :-) I work with Indians every single day, and part of what I do is to supervise a team of programmers in Mumbai.

crystal said...

Thanks, Jeff - I just visited his column and I really liked it. I'll try The Holy Longing first.

onionboy said...

Other than the fact that half the band members looked bored and the lead singer was just barely on key and the playing was under inspired but over the top (what was with the marching band?) I'd say the new rite leaves a lot to be desired.

Dreams was playing everywhere when I was 17 and I had a lot of dreams. I'd dropped out of highschool to take my first job in an art studio and all the world seemed before me. That album was the only FM I owned.

But I was 10 in 69 so, man, I'd have to go with the 69 rite.

However, even then I loved Opera and so I'd have to vote for Mr. Potts in the end.

Jeff said...


Ha! I was 10 in 1969 too, but I used to listen to my older brother's records... Thanks for making it near unanimous.