Friday, June 22, 2007

Taking a Hiatus

Then again, maybe I'm not.

Never mind. It was brief.


Mike McG... said...


crystal said...

I'm the one who should take a hiatus - I saw that only 4 people came to me blog today :-)

cowboyangel said...

Brilliant post. You're like a Dada blogger. :-)

Great photo, btw.

Crystal - 4 people a day sounds pretty good to me. I don't want you, or Jeff, to take a hiatus. I'm the only one who can take a hiatus. You both can actually write and produce posts!

Jeff said...

Hey Mike,

How are you?

Hi Crystal,

I was one of them. :-) Forgive me for not posting yet. Tough week...

Hi William,

Yeah, that's an August Sander. Cologne, 1928. I used to have a print of that photo tacked up in my cube at work years ago. Somebody once actually wouldn't believe that it wasn't a photo of me... That just goes to show what a happy face I wear at work all the time. :-).