Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Talking Heads - Heaven

Back in the days when the Harvard Square Theatre was still independently owned and was still running repertory films, my friends and I would often cap off a Saturday night by catching the midnight show featuring the 1984 Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense.

One of my favorite songs in the film was Heaven (which was not on the original soundtrack album). I was glad to find it on Youtube. Even though I don't share the same vision of heaven that David Byrne does, I still think it's a hauntingly beautiful song.


crystal said...

Thanks for that, Jeff. I hadn't heard that before :-)

Jeff said...

Hi Crystal,

You're welcome. I hope you liked it.

Liam said...

That's a great song.

Why a big suit?

Jeff said...

Hi Liam,

He was just getting started in that number, he hadn't changed into the really big suit yet. I never heard the reason. Trusty, handy-dandy Google Search tells us the big suit was all about this.

cowboyangel said...

Funny, I recently added "Heaven" to one of my playlists on Always liked that tune. It had a great, moody atmosphere on the Remain in Light album.

I hate to change topics on your T-Heads post and bring up something so serious, but Randy Mossto the Pats?! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'd say it was a steal for a 4th round pick, but then come November and he's sulking and short-arming passes, you might be wanting that pick back. I don't know.

Interesting that the Pats take Merriweather, with his character issues, in the 1st and then trade for Randy Moss. Next, you guys will be trading for Pacman Jones!

Jeff said...


"Remain in Light" is a great album. I only prefer the live version of that song slightly better, because the female vocal is so good...

Randy Moss to the Pats?! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

But think of the yardage, William! The yaaaaarrrdage. Brady and Moss together... Think of it. If they can get on the same wavelength on routes and timing, can you imagine what they could put up? With Moss's hands, height, and speed, and with Brady's precision, it may be a truly frightening thing. (I hear rumors that Brett Favre is very disappointed that GB didn't take a run at getting him) Is Moss too out of control? I don't know. I don't think he's as off-the-wall as Terrell Owens. I think this guy can be worked with. Corey Dillon was known as sort of a bad-boy before he came here, but he was all business about winning a championship, and was a model citizen and team-mate here.

Now we finally have some size in our receiving corps. Teams will have to double team Moss, which will leave Dante Stalworth lots of opportunities on the other side. Should give the other tall man Ben Watson plenty of room to work with, and Moroney should be able to run wild. You won't see guys like the Colts' safety Sanders coming up to run-stuff the Patriots this year. I'm pretty excited about it.

Regarding Moss's antics and those of # 1 pick Merriweather... Well... I guess when you lose the AFC Championship after blowing an 18-point lead, and your star quarterback gets supplanted in the popular consciousness by an arch-rival like Peyton Manning, Mrs. Kraft's scruples about character are going to go out the window, eh? It all comes down to winning, I guess. And money. Especially money. Sad, but true.

I think we were hoping to get Griffin out of Texas as our safety, or Nelson out of Florida, but they wound up settling for Merriweather. I think Kareem Brown from Miami might turn out to be a strong pick for us too.

How about you guys? The Jets always seem to draft pretty well. Darrelle Revis looks pretty good, and you must be excited about the linebacker they picked up - David Harris from Michigan?

cowboyangel said...

"Heaven, Heaven is a place . . . where Randy Moss runs free in the end zone."

Well, if you read the sports pundits, the Patriots get an A and the Jets get a C. I only saw one good review of the Jets draft, from Pro Football Weekly, who switched the grades: Jets got an A- and the Pats a C. I think Jets fans wanted to see more bodies - only 4 picks! But it was supposed to be a weak draft, and if we got the two picks at the top that we wanted, then so be it. Also, Bender (round 6) might turn out to be a steal. But who really knows. So much hype goes into hte draft, then you look back 4 years later and one guy's left on your team. There's just no way of knowing right now. After last year's strong effort, I'm willing to give Mangini and Tannenbaum the benefit of the doubt.

Really, we got 5 people, because we got Thomas Jones for a 2nd round pick via Washington. So, if you look at it that way - Revis, Harris and Jones in the first two rounds - that doesn't seem too shabby to me. I'd give them a B.

I wanted to see them go after a TE and a DT, but we did really need a CB. Especially if you guys are going to have Randy Moss. :-)

Actually, I'm not convinced by Moss. I think it was a great trade on the part of the Pats - giving up a 4th rounder in a weak year for someone who MIGHT be great. What have you got to lose? (Except for team chemistry if he's a disruption.) But when was the last time this guy did any real damage? Look at his stats for the last three years. It wasn't just at Oakland that he didn't do much - that last season with the Vikes wasn't impressive either. He has the talent - or, he HAD the talent - but does he have the drive? It was worth betting on, I'll grant you. And maybe Bill can work his magic. Like Parcells did with Owens. (Cough.) I don't think he'll be as much of disruption as TO, but I wonder if he won't be a similar kind of player - make a few really dramatic plays, drop some important passes, and be a chickensh*t a lot of times. Hope you have someone else who doesn't mind going over the middle.

Maybe it's just being a rival and wanting to see the dynasty crumble, but I don't know, man, Stallworth, Welker, Moss . . . they seem to be reaching a little. I guess after last year, it makes sense to go after some receivers, but I smell a hint of desperation. Something not quite right. Starting to remind me of the Fins and their QB carousel. As a Jets fan, I like it.

But, hey, what can I say - Dillon worked out for a couple of years. And everyone says you guys are going to win it all now. So that pretty much settles it, right? I'm not even sure why the Jets are going to bother playing you guys. I just hope we can field a team on Sept 9. ;-)

What about the rest of the Pats draft? Were you pleased?