Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A quick follow up

A quick follow up. Just one last bit on liberation theology... for now.

Joe Cecil, in his excellent collection of Progressive Catholic Reflections, has written a brilliant essay on liberation theology, summarizing in a few pages what it is, and what the principal criticisms of it are (including a critique by Michael Novak - even if it's good theology, is it bad economics?). Like everything that Joe writes, it is clear, logical, poignant, and written through the eyes of faith. A Franciscan friar in his heart, I think he'll always be.


Paula said...

Jeff, a lot of food for thought these posts on LT. I feel that I should read more on this topic. The story of Fr Romero and of the other martyrs is very touching. There is also a movie on Fr Romero´ life and death, I think.
The reaction of JP II(for whom I have great love) at the whole issue of LT remind me that I must be aware about the glasses thru which I look at the world around...

crystal said...

Nice painting. I agree about the articles Joe has on his blog ... I like the ones I've read very much.

BTW, did you ever see the episode of the X-Files with Ruben Blades? He helped Agent Mulder look for El Chupacabra in El Mundo Gira :-)

Jeff said...

Hi Paula,

Oh, one can still love and revere John Paul II and have differences with him on this particular issue, and perhaps some other issues besides. Pope means “Papa”. It’s like a family relationship. :-)

Yes, there was a movie called ‘Romero’, which starred the late Raul Julia. It’s an outstanding film. I recommend it highly.

Hi Crystal,

Was Ruben Blades on the X-Files? I’ve never seen it, as I’m not really into science fiction (sacrilige, I know… You’ll have to straighten me out on that, like with cats), much to the frustration of some of my friends. :- )

Ruben Blades is a fascinating guy. He’s quite the renaissance man. Musican, actor, poet, lawyer, politician… I seem to recall that his first breakout film was ‘The Milagro Beanfield War’