Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Jeanne Jugan Juniors

(Photo courtesy of Christine Williams for the Boston Pilot)

I'm very, very proud of my daughters and the daughters of my close friends. They are called the Jeanne Jugan Juniors and they volunteer once a month to work with the elderly and to keep them company at the residence run by the Little Sisters of the Poor in Somerville, MA.

They are covered and quoted in this article in the Boston Pilot.


crystal said...

What kind and thoughtful daughters you have :-)

Jeff said...

Thanks, Crystal. They're really good kids. They put me to shame. They do more to live out the Gospel message than I do. I really have to do a better job of reminding myself of that every time I come down hard on them about picking up their room and doing their homework, both of which they really * hate * to do. :-)