Monday, May 29, 2006

The first record I ever bought with my own money…

...Was It's Only Rock 'N Roll by the Rolling Stones, in 1975

1. If You Can't Rock Me
2. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
3. It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It)
4. Till The Next Goodbye
5. Time Waits For No One
6. Luxury Listen Listen
7. Dance Little Sister
8. If You Really Want To Be My Friend
9. Short And Curlies
10. Fingerprint File

Actually, that was the first record I had ever bought for myself. A couple of years earlier, I had bought the Stones’ Let It Bleed for my brother as a Christmas gift.

1. Let It Bleed
2. Love In Vain
3. Midnight Rambler
4. Gimmie Shelter
5. You Got The Silver
6. You Can't Always Get What You Want
7. Live With Me
8. Monkey Man
9. Country Honk

Starting a record collection of my own at that point was really something very important, because it was getting riskier and riskier for me to listen to my brother’s records went he wasn’t at home. He didn’t want me to, because he was afraid (with some justification) that I would scratch them.

One day I accidentally left out his copy of Idlewild South, by the Allman Brothers, and he threatened to knock me out if it ever happened again.

1. Revival
2. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
3. Midnight Rider
4. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
5. Hoochie Coochie Man
6. Please Call Home
7. Leave My Blues At Home

So, it became necessary to buy my own discs… I’m ashamed to say that the second record I bought myself was ‘Kiss Alive”, but hey, don’t laugh… “I want to Rock and Roll All Night’ has held up very well over the years.


friar minor said...

One ought not to be ashamed of Kiss "Alive," it was a critical record for them, as well as for the history of the genres of "live record" and "metal."

I'm a little younger I think, so my first record was Def Leppard's "Pyromania." My first concert was Alice Cooper. Ha!

Liam said...

Wow... I can't remember the first album I bought. There were a lot of 8-tracks in my house, I don't know who bought them. I remember when I was 13, I asked for Bruce Springsteen's "The River" for Christmas.

crystal said...

I don't remember the first music I bought. I do remember concerts, though ... Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Stones, Tom Petty, etc ... it helped to live near San Francisco :-)

Jeff said...

Hi Friar,

You know, I don’t know much about Def Leppard. They were a little after my time (I’m starting to feel really old here). :-) As for Kiss... (chuckle)... Well, you may be right. I think what George Thorogood used to say about himself applies well to them too: “We only know about three chords, but we know ‘em cold!”

Alice Cooper, eh? He had a great band. Must have been quite a show. Did he do the whole routine with the bats, or am I thinking of Ozzie? :-)


8-Tracks! What an awful format, wasn’t it? Did you ever notice when you had a quiet stretch in a song, that you could faintly hear the cut on the other side? 8-Tracks… what a sound investment they were... They really raised hell with concept albums that had a flow to them too, like Tommy, Sgt. Pepper’s, Dark Side of the Moon, and Abbey Road.


Those are all great bands! You’ve really seen them? I’ve seen none of them live. I’m jealous. Even Tom Petty holds up well over time. My son Brendan loves the song Free Fallin’ for some reason…

Funny that you should mention San Francisco. The other day I was listening to Grace Slick in an interview about her Jefferson Airplane days. She was going on about how much she didn’t like the whole “Frisco scene” as portrayed in Scott McKenzie’s "Are You Going To San Francisco”, and the whole "Summer of Love” thing. I was a little surprised, but she’s a pretty tough lady. She always had an edge to her.

Cheers. Please keep blogging. :-)

crystal said...

Saw Carlos Montoya once too :-) I've just been looking for some wavs or mp3s of his music online, but no luck.

Jeff said...

Carlos Montoya was unbelievable. Have you ever heard Paco de Lucia? He's pretty good too.

One of the main purposes of this post was to throw out a little album cover art. That's something I really miss from the old days of vinyl. I know that there is "cover art" along with CD's nowadays, but it just isn't the same as opening up one of those old cardboard double albums. Now that everything is available on the web, cover art might disappear completely.

Joe said...

My 1st - Boz Scaggs!

Great post and comments! My smile just kept getting bigger as I read on....

Jeff (& Crystal ?) If you like Paco de Lucia, you should really try and hunt down a new talent called Niño Josele. Fabulous young talent whose latest is a tribute to Bill Evans " a la flamenco". He's going to do well here in Spain at least.

Jeff said...

Hi Joe!!

My 1st - Boz Scaggs!

Yes, the Boz... "Dirty Low Down..." That was such the typical stuff for the guys at Catholic Memorial HS to be listening to in the late 1970's. :-) Your musical tastes were always much more wholesome than mine. Now that I look over my own list, I'm a little bit horrified at what I was listening to at the age of 15. No wonder I am the way I am... I'm a bit more strict with my own crew.