Thursday, May 17, 2012

They Can't Pop the Corks Quite Yet

Can they really make a deal with just one out of four?

Remember those toothpaste and sugarless gum commercials from decades past when 4 out of 5 dentists were said to have all agreed on something or another?  My father-in-law was a dentist.  He liked to say that he was the 5th dentist.

SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay must be feeling like one of those outliers today. 

It looks like there may be trouble in SSPX-land, eh? Despite all that confidence we've seen across the web in recent months, there appears to be some truth in the old saying that there's many a slip 'tween the cup and the lip. They can't uncork their bottles of champagne yet...

Despite the fact that Fellay is trying to reel them in, three out of the four SSPX bishops disagree with the whole process, and the CDF isnt happy about it. Nor should they be.

Benedict isn't forcing them to make a single concession, yet it's still not good enough for them to make a deal.
Today’s Vatican communiqué said the situations of the three other bishops “will have to be dealt with separately and singularly.”
Earlier this month, Bishops Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, Alfonso de Galarreta and Richard Williamson sent a letter to Bishop Fellay warning that an agreement with the Vatican would see the Society “cease to oppose the universal apostasy of our time.”

They also argued that the Second Vatican Council “did not just include particular errors but represented a total perversion of the mind, a new philosophy founded on subjectivism.”

Pope Benedict XVI was dismissed by the three Pius X Society bishops as a “subjectivist.”
Benedict might take in Fellay and anyone who wants to come with him anyway, but what will be the effect of that? Another split, and the same problem will remain. Nothing much will have been solved.

So, no champagne quite yet, just Vichy Water for now. Those guys are used to that.

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